photo of the Nothern lights at Providence Bay beach Aug. 2015 by our guest!

Here is a blog entry from a guest that stayed with us at the Auberge INN this past March 2015. It was his first time staying at the Auberge Inn and visiting the largest island in freshwater…. and to his surprise, he got to experience seeing the Northern LIghts (aurora boréalis) definitely on his Canadian Bucket List!

My stay at the Auberge Inn this past March has been among the most memorable moments of my life! The amount of activities I found to do on Manitoulin (from the hostel’s pamphlet shelf) truly surprised me. Especially for being the dead of winter, I wasn’t expecting to do much other then a little Rest and Relaxation. I have to admit the cherry on top of my adventure was having a  chance to observe the spectacular beauty of Canada’s Aurora Borealis, or the Northern lights, as called by the locals.

My night started off simple enough; my sister, the hostel hostess, joined me for a little going away dinner with a couple local friends I made. This island’s hospitality and friendliness should be noted as world renown. As my evening came to what I thought was it’s end, one of the guests and my sister told me how a spectacular occurrence was about to take place at approximately 10pm. We were located in Providence Bay and heard that it helps to observe them if you are at the most Northern point of where you are located, but not necessarily at the most Northern point of the island. As soon as our guests left we hustled North on Highway 551, for I’d say 10 to 15 minutes, until the desolate black of night took over the barren farm fields and the tree lines began to shorten and grow off smaller way into the distance; making it perfect for a better view. We pulled right into the parking lot of a little white church with a pointy roof and turned off all the car lights, then got out. At this point the stars where really out! Something someone never witnesses or even strangely remembers living in the big lights of the city! Totally awe stricken already at this point, by the shear magnitude of stars out, I began to comb the sky looking for the Northern lights, past all the distracting blinking and shiny plains and stars. To my amazement and great joy I noticed very bright tall beams of light dancing ever so slowly from where they seemed to be touching the earth!

There they were! Three, then two, then three long rays of whitish green light, twisting and flowing in the black sky.

The dance of the Aurora Borealis is probably on many people’s bucket list to see. If you make your way to Manitoulin Island, you will have a great chance at catching this amazing natural phenomenon! It was a memory I will cherish forever!
~ Christopher Sarbu- guest at the Auberge Inn hostel, March 2015

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